INFN has been developing immersive scenographic exhibitions since 2009, with the creation of original interactive multimedia installations whose content traces a perceptive path which is perfectly integrated with the other textual, graphic, expositive, and video elements of the exhibition’s narration. The installations act both as standalone artistic works and as supporting elements for the exhibition’s narrative, whose communicative power is generated in large part by its video art. The most recent collaboration with MAXXI in Rome has spurred an evolution in the development of exhibition design towards integration with contemporary art forms.


Imagining the Universe after Einstein

The creative thinking of artists and scientists confronting the great questions posed by the Cosmos. An exhibition by MAXXI, the Italian Space Agency, and the National Institute for Nuclear Physics.

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Virtual Man.
Physics Explores the Body

“Virtual Man: Physics explores the body” is a major exhibition uniting physics, medicine, and technology, curated by INFN, promoted by the Fondazione Palazzo Blu, and created in collaboration with Assobiomedica, The Department of Physics of the University of Pisa, “La Nuova Limonaia” Association, the National Research Council Pisa Research Area and the National Institute of Optics, the Scuola Normale Superiore, the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, and the Stella Maris Foundation.



Science Blunders

This exhibition tells the story of how mistakes inevitably accompany man’s desire for knowledge: great discoveries – sometimes even made by chance – are interweaved with glaring oversights. Scientists in fact bring their own religious, philosophical, and cultural beliefs into the laboratory, and it is difficult to do otherwise. In fact, correcting one’s mistakes is the very essence of the scientific method, inaugurated by Galileo more than 400 years ago. Faced with the world, what matters is not to lose wonder and curiosity.

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Beyond the Limit

This exhibition proposes a journey that takes us to the boundaries of knowledge, to discover the limits with which physics and astrophysics are confronted in the attempt to understand and describe the universe and its history. The journey is immersive and is characterised by the presence of multimedia video installations, interactive exhibits, and original components from experiments, models, and videos. “Beyond the Limit” is divided into four thematic areas, each representing a challenge for contemporary science: Spacetime, Energy and Matter, Visible and Invisible, and Origins.

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