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ScienzaPerTutti (SxT) is INFN’s outreach site dedicated to secondary schools. It contains many materials, such as didactic paths on many topics in physics, stories of great scientists, and reviews of and suggestions for science books. By providing in-depth information and answering users’ questions through the format L’esperto risponde (Replies from the expert), over the years SxT has become the point of reference for students and teachers at secondary schools, but also for many people interested in physics. 

The editorial team is made up of researchers who produce and select the content. In order to directly involve an increasingly wide audience, the editorial staff also proposes two types of competition: the monthly competition, which consists of a quiz aimed at the entire audience of the site on a monthly basis, and the annual competition, dedicated to intermediate and secondary schools. In 2021, the annual competition had more than 350 students from all over Italy who took part in it with great enthusiasm. 

Premiazione del concorso annuale di ScienzaPerTutti del 2018.

Winners of annual competition in 2018.

For years, SxT has also been taking part in the science festivals in Genoa and Rome and in the Turin Book Fair, bringing exhibitions and educational initiatives aimed at both the general public and schools. 


In 2020, daily clicks ranged from 2,500 to 3,000 and there were over 1,600 subscribers to the newsletter, and 6,000 followers on Facebook.  During the COVID-19 crisis, on the ScienzaPerTutti website, INFN proposed to teachers and students, who were experimenting with Distance Learning, the A Scuola Con Voi [At School with You] initiative, which was well received, bringing daily clicks to 4,500, newsletter subscribers to 2,100, and Facebook followers to 7,500. 

Students and teachers of High Schools

National coordinator:

Pasquale Di Nezza
INFN – Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati