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INFN Kids is an INFN project dedicated to children, their parents, and teachers in primary and intermediate schools. It was created in 2020 to bring together all the activities dedicated to children in the various INFN divisions and laboratories: the Cagliari, Catania, Ferrara, Florence, Padua, Pavia, and Turin divisions, and the four INFN National Laboratories of Frascati, Gran Sasso, Legnaro, and the South. 

un laboratorio a casa: materiali per costruire una bussola

Throughout the year, INFN Kids offers, on the website and on the project’s Facebook and YouTube channels, materials, games, and activities suitable for boys and girls who want to discover more about science.
These materials include audio books and videos that tell the story of science, its history, and the experiments that can be done to discover it. The activities are differentiated according to the target audience: boys and girls aged 6-7, or in the 8-11 age group. 


During 2021, a series of interactive online workshops were launched with primary school classes in Biella, Milan, Ferrara, Occhiobello, Catania, and Monte Compatri.

Furthermore, comics and games were also produced, taking young readers on a journey to explore physical phenomena. 


At the beginning of the summer, the Summer Camp is offered: a week of live meetings and videos for children dedicated to a different theme each year. In 2020 and 2021, the Summer Camps took place online on YouTube and covered, in 2020, the physics of the Universe and particles and, in 2021, the physics of electromagnetic, sound,   and gravitational waves.

Cities and INFN sites: Turin, Pavia, Padua, Ferrara, Florence, National Laboratories of Legnaro, Gran Sasso National Laboratories, and National Laboratories of Frascati. 


Current edition

National coordinators:

Mariaelena Fedi
INFN – sezione di Firenze

Susanna Bertelli
INFN – Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati